Few of us realize the importance of posture to our health and performance. The human body craves alignment. When we are properly aligned, our bones, not our muscles, support our weight, reducing effort and strain. The big payoff with proper posture is that we feel healthier, have more energy, and move gracefully.

Poor posture distorts the alignment of bones, chronically tenses muscles, and contributes to stressful conditions such as loss of vital lung capacity, increased fatigue, reduced blood and oxygen to the brain, limited range of motion, stiffness of joints, pain syndromes, reduced mental alertness, and decreased productivity at work. The most immediate problem with poor posture is that it creates a lot of chronic muscle tension. We work to eliminate as much “bad stress” from your body as possible with a secondary focus to apply “good stress” on your body.

The Chiropractic Approach to Scoliosis Care

The most common condition that effects posture is scoliosis. A medical condition in which a person’s spine is curved from side to side. Although it is a complex three-dimensional deformity, on an X-ray, viewed from the rear, the spine of an individual with scoliosis may look more like an “S” or a “C”, rather than a straight line. Any type of sideways curvature is abnormal.

We incorporate a combination of treatment programs for scoliosis that I have seen and learned over the past 38 years. Treatment involves exercise, traction, massage, chiropractic adjustments, and proprioceptive neuromuscular re-education and more. In addition to using structural and muscle memory correction technique and traction base techniques I have added the positive effects of Laser therapy to aid in the muscle re-education and release of the splinting and spasm of tissues along the spine that can occur with scoliosis. Download our printable Scoliosis Treatment with Chiropractic Care Information Sheet.

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Please check out our printable Scoliosis Informational Download!