Regenerative Therapies in Bloomington, Edina, Eden Prairie MN

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What Is Regenerative Functional Medicine?

Functional medicine is an integrative healthcare approach that treats illness and can promote wellness. By focusing on all aspects of the human biosphere. This would include not only chemical / nutrition but the structure the electrical and the emotional /spiritual.

Pain indicates an injury, disease, or other problem that needs attention. Our bodies have an amazing capacity to heal and regenerate themselves. At AdvaCare Clinics, we know the most effective treatments that use the body’s natural tendency for repair and rejuvenation–which is why we offer Regenerative Medicine options for our patients.

Regenerative therapies enable our bodies to speed up its natural healing process by renewing tissues with help from their own cells Conventional treatments focus on managing symptoms, (which we also do BUT we also offer therapies that do more to regenerate and revitalize your body’s tissues and cells). We offer regenerative treatments options that are long term medical solutions to restoring the body to its optimal condition. Our non-surgical treatments represent a minimally invasive solution for a range of problems including various degenerative conditions, osteoarthritic conditions, connective tissue, soft tissue injuries and spinal issues.

Click here for our Informational PDF - Conditions Treated with Regenerative Medicine.

Patients who have not had success with other treatments such as medication, surgeries, traditional pain management and physical therapy should consider:

  • Prolotherapy
  • Neural Prolotherapy
  • Stem Cell Therapy

Prolotherapy involves using a safe and simple base solution containing dextrose as the primary proliferant, along with an anesthetic (procaine or lidocaine), that is given into and around the entire painful/injured area (many injections vs only a few injections.)

Can Stem Cells Help Arthritis?

Current treatment options for osteoarthritis are limited to pain reduction and joint replacement surgery. Stem cells have tremendous potential for treating disease and replacing or regenerating the diseased tissue. Our objective is to use cells derived from stems cells to treat arthritis.

This is dependent upon the person’s overall health status, the extent of the condition, injury, tear or arthritis. Based on our clinical experience and training we find the number of treatments that helps a person attain their goal averages between 3 to 6 visits.

We treat a wide variety of cases, from young athletes with acute injuries to the elderly who have suffered through numerous surgeries and years of anti-inflammatory pain medication, we work to tailor the treatment plans to the patients’ individual goals and needs.

While most patients have the goal of becoming pain-free and having increased stability and mobility in the joint, their activity goals must also be taken into consideration.

High level athletes may have more aggressive treatment needs than a retiree who does not desire to do a lot of activity. Thus, it is imperative to seek a practitioner who not only practices a thorough technique and has access to different combinations therapeutic solutions, but also who understands how to combine, Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Sports medicine and Rehabilitation for patients to do between treatments.

The Healthcare Professionals at AdvaCare Clinics are dedicated on providing quality, individualized care for each patient. Our use of cutting-edge technology and exceptional care, the main goal is to return patients to a pain free state. Call today (612) 271-1181 for a free consultation on how regenerative medicine can help you.

We offer integrated health care choices that produce a more natural outcome for those who want a unique experience and choices in care approaches rather than the same old mainstream of drugs, steroids and surgery. We can incorporate an assortment of care options at the same time that will produce a faster and more natural outcome without creating other issues that lead to drug dependence. Call today for a free consultation.

With our years of experience, we have helped many experience a better level of health, wellness and a pain-free life. You should have the choice of regenerative therapies, nutrition therapies, oral and IV to help you heal and repair. We also offer Medical Cannabis certification for your ability to have this option.

The skilled Healthcare providers and services of Advacare Clinics: Chiropractic, Physical Therapy, Acupuncture, Class 4 Laser, Massage Therapy and Medical providers are waiting to show you the AdvaCare difference. Call today for a free consultation and to schedule: 952-835-6653.