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AdvaCare Global Health Services

After spending 38 years as a Chiropractor and Acupuncturist, I learned many aspects of wellness and integrated care options such as: Prolo and Neuro prolo therapy, PRP, Stem cell therapy, IV nutritional therapy, Homeopathy care protocols (oral and IV), Laser Therapy and serving as the clinic administrator of Advacare clinics since 2011.

I found myself at a crossroads with a wealth of knowledge and information that can greatly help a company, a clinic or a patient, but the injuries that guided me to seek out how to deliver different care options and to orchestrate these services are finally having their effects. I have to slow down my active practice. However, I can still help you, whether you are a company, a clinic or an individual. If you are not getting the help you need for your health issues I may have an answer or at least can point you in a better direction and help you reinvent your health care model!

This is the philosophy and mission statement of Advacare Global Health Services. Helping you discover and reinvent your health care model to get the best results and improve your paradigm!

I am an experienced “IT” finder. An “IT” is any problem negatively affecting your business, happiness, bottom line or health. We all have an “IT”!! Whether you are a company, a clinic/practice or an individual, I can help you find what the “IT” is. I can help you discover the real underlying cause of your “IT” then guide you. I put together a road map on what to do, and how to get there.

HOWEVER, THE ONE THING I CANNOT DO IS MAKE THE CHANGE FOR YOU! That’s your “skin in the game”. I am a big believer and have always told my patients that my role is to honestly and sincerely “tell you what you really need” and then cheerfully give you what you want! It all depends on if you are really ready to make a change. So if you are seeking help, a new direction and tired of nothing helping or changing, then reach out and contact me today! Whatever your “IT” is, let’s find a cause and then a solution.

AdvaCare Clinical Health Management Services:

My 38+ years of clinic management can offer a vast range of expertise. I provide clinics with comprehensive and innovative management solutions to reduce complexity and increase efficiency within your practice. Most important, I help clinics of any professional type to create revenue streams and better serve their community and patients.

Advacare Industrial Health Consulting:

All employers in today’s fast-paced marketplace understand the incredible pricing pressures employer’s face in providing competitive and cost-effective health benefits to their employees. I help businesses develop, price and review their benefits and health delivery option for greater ROI. We offer personalized strategies how to improve onsite wellness campuses and learn about the cost benefits of integrated treatment care options. I will connect you with resources that can help show you a better and different way of looking at a problem and the solution. If you’re still getting the “Insurance in the box” response, that is just delivering “Doc in the Box” results. Guess what “You’re the clown playing to their tune and still getting the “jack in the box” effect. Paying more to just have to “pop” when they want you to.

AdvaCare Patient Healthcare Consulting:

Healthcare options…how do you know what to choose or even where to start? I offer case management resources for individuals or families dealing with acute or chronic issues. I will work to help you find experts and resources that can deliver integrated care near you, then sort through the hype and find a healthcare provider with the skills and knowledge that can help you. I can help unravel insurance coverage questions for you and then build healthcare treatment solutions. Who can benefit from this type of consulting?

  • Truck drivers on FMCSA rules and regulations
  • Anyone with DOT questions
  • Fibromyalgia patients
  • Chronic pain suffers
  • Arthritis patients
  • Cancer patients ( integrated and researched options and resources and where to consider getting care)
  • Spine related patients
  • Headache (all types) patients
  • Basically any health care concern you may need help finding adequate care or are not getting the answers you feel you should, just the same old medical response.

From the Doc: “I like to view health care as a journey and I'm a travel guide that has "been there, seen it and done that”. I know what has worked, may work or is a lot of hype! I also offer EDS via Zyto for help in discovering possible underlying issues you may be dealing with that can help point your care in a different or better direction.”


Clinic and business consultations are billed at $200.00 per hour. Have a list of questions as the fee is based on a full hour whether we use the full 60 minutes or not.

Patient consultations are also based on the same $200.00 fee but are broken down in 15 minute increments; every 15 minutes is a $50.00 segment.

We also offer the EDS (Electrical Dermal Screening) sessions via Zyto or Spectral Vision technology for an additional $200.00 per session. Call to discuss the details and process.

If you come to see me at my clinic and we treat you, the fees will depend on whether there are any insurance based plans that will cover the treatment options and to what extent they will cover care. The insurance market is changing daily and most of the changes revolves around the catch phrase” quality care”.

Insurance providers only want to pay for what they feel is “reasonable, necessary and within the treatment guidelines they have established “, which means they make the rules as to how much and how long they will pay. Recently, what we are seeing is that “pool of care” is getting smaller and smaller so be prepared to possibly pay out of pocket!

If you are seeking answers and want help or just have questions, whether you are a company, a doctor/clinic or a patient please contact me ASAP to start us working together to help find answers and solutions for your “IT”. All of you could benefit from AdvaCare Global Health Services: call 952-835- 6653 or email